Immunization Schedule

EPI Schedule for infants less  than 1 year

  • BCG dose for children ≥ 12 months is 0.1ml
  • OPV0 must be given within first weeks after birth
  • HepB0 should be preferably given within 24 hours of birth. If this is not possible, it may be given up to 2 weeks after birth

 Schedule for children with HIV/AIDS

  • Note: BCG, Yellow fever, Mumps and Rubella are contraindicated in symptomatic HIV infection.


TT immunization Schedule for women of
Child bearing age (15-49 years)

Vitamin A Supplementation

  • IU- international units
  • RE – equivalent retinol

Note: After first dose (6-11 month), repeat Vit A every 6 months until 5 years of age.

General Notes:

  1. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed strictly.
  2. The immunization status of every child should be checked at each contact with a health service (including hospital outpatient departments and wards), verified by sighting the immunization
    card and immunization should be
    offered as appropriate to eliminate
    missed opportunities.
  3. Therefore mothers must be encouraged to always bring their children’s immunization cards whenever visiting a health facility for any reason (curative or preventive).
  4. Health workers to always request to sight the immunization card while attending to any child.
  5. When multiple injectable vaccines are required during the same visit, they should be given at different sites.
  6. When a dose is delayed, resume without repeating the previous dose.
  7. BCG for children 26 months, mantoux test should first be carried out to exclude active infection or previous immunity before BCG is given (children less than 6 months do not mount sufficient reaction to tuberculin test).
  8. Pertussis vaccine – give acellular vaccine in place of whole cell if child is 23 years.
  9. Beside above exceptions, children less than 5 years who are not previously immunized should follow the normal recommended schedule maintaining the
    minimum intervals between doses.

Awareness on numbers 2, 3 & 4 above to
be created nationwide.

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